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Our company was founded on the recognition that electromagnetic radiations were set to proliferate in the 21st Century.  All life forms are vibrational, electromagnetic beings.  Switching the majority of our technological advances to electronic, digital, and wireless devices alters our vibrations right down to the level of our cells, altering our beautifully harmonized biochemistry.  These alterations are appearing as increases in many diseases.

 We work with people where they are, providing individualized and customized consulting assisting them in learning ways that will raise their vibrational energy levels to achieve their highest health potential.

 We incorporate various techniques that heal the vibrational disruptions.  Modalities utilized include: 

   Vibrational energy healing services and devices

   Tai Chi Moving Meditation

   EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

   Qi Gong



Contact information:

     Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D.

Marcus Plourde, Ph.D.

949 551-3397



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